Using a Local Permanent Staffing Solution to find People that Enhance Your Workplace

You’ve been around magnetic people before; maybe they’re current employees of yours or earlier co-workers that you met before you were an entrepreneur or an office manager. There are just certain people who are magnetic and work in perfect symbiosis with the others around them; people who visibly make a company better.

Personality has a lot to do with creating a positive vibe within the office environment. Richard Branson, (founder of the Virgin Mobile family of companies), recently shared that he places an incredible amount of importance on personality when it comes to hiring new people. He makes a good point that many jobs are actually simple to learn, and that you cannot teach compatible personality traits to new hires.

How KB Staffing Can Help

As a company grows, many hiring managers and business owners find it tempting to fill those empty spaces up with anyone that is willing to work. In addition, many companies are experiencing periods of rapid growth as they flex to dynamically meet the needs of today’s tech savvy consumers. However, it is best to find the right permanent staffing for the job both qualification-wise and personality-wise. KB Staffing can help you do this in more ways than one.

The wrong person, or the wrong combination of people can do more damage to your company’s reputation, staff morale and customer relations than having a temporary shortage on help can, in many cases. Working with a staffing company can allow you to really look at a candidate’s personality and see how that person would fit into and contribute best to your specific office environment.

At KB Staffing, we offer temporary and temporary to permanent staff workers for positions in:

  • General labor
  • Office administration
  • Event Work
  • Infrastructure

Along with Skilled Trade Workers for:

  • Construction crews
  • Forklift driving
  • Warehouse operations and
  • Light industrial work

Citrus Processing Workers for:

  • Harvesting positions and
  • Packaging positions

And KB Staffing has the Only Clean Up Workers with Experience in:

  • Disaster clean up and
  • Job site clean up

Whether you need new staff members or a crew in Lakeland, Bartow, Winter Haven or elsewhere in beautiful Polk County, please contact us at KB Staffing today, to start exploring the exciting new staffing solutions that will enhance your company!

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