Warehouses Provide Polk Employment Opportunities

Polk County is the place to get warehouse work! Thanks to the I-4 corridor, we have numerous companies that have found Central Florida to be the ideal place for their distribution centers. Fortunately, KB Staffing is perfectly poised to provide staffing solutions for these big-name businesses. So what is it that makes this area so well-suited for warehouses? 

Why Warehouses Are Big Business in Polk County
Warehouses provide a large number of Polk County employment opportunities. Here are just a few reasons why that is: 

  • We have the people. There are an estimated 8 million residents living within a 100-mile radius of Polk’s stretch of I-4. This creates an enormous Polk County workforce that is ready and willing to get to work!
  • Location, location, location. Situated between two major metropolitan areas (Tampa and Orlando), Polk County is in the right spot to provide considerable support to these busy cities. 
  • Lots of land. For decades, Polk County has relied heavily on agriculture for its economic vibrancy. However, the citrus greening disease has had a negative impact on our local groves. As the area used for growing citrus has decreased, that’s created more room for other industries to move in – such as warehouses. 

KB Staffing is an expert staffing service that specializes in warehouse staffing, so we are ready, willing, and able to get excellent employees on the floor in any warehouse environment. 

KB Staffing Can Help You Get Hired!
Warehouses are a big part of the Central Florida economy, and KB Staffing can help you find a great job with a reputable company. If you’re tired of filling out endless applications online and getting nowhere, contact KB Staffing at (863) 875-5721 to find out how you can get started working right away. We have full-time temp jobs and temp-to-hire jobs in local warehouses that need to be filled now!

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