Where The Jobs Are

Skilled construction workers, Warehouse personnel and Production workers. What do these three trades have in common? JOBS! That’s right, in spite of what you hear on the news, there are skilled construction jobs available right now in Polk County. Experienced warehouse and production workers are also in constant demand throughout the Bartow, Lakeland and Winter Haven metropolitan area.

Contrary to popular belief, manpower is needed now to fill temporary jobs in all skill levels from order selectors to forklift operators. Temporary jobs are the way of the future. Full-time temporary personnel and temp-to-hire positions have become increasingly common in today’s job market. In reality, it is a win/win situation for both employee and employer. It is a perfect opportunity for an employee to get a feel for the corporate culture of a particular company, and decide if pursuing a permanent position is going to bring job satisfaction. It is also a chance for the employer to find workers with the right experience, skills and personality to fit well in the department or organization. In the process, the employer gets the job done and the temp gets paid. What’s not to like about that?!

The career highway has many forks, detours, roadblocks and traffic jams. Thinking outside the box by looking at temporary job opportunities with a good staffing agency can be the fast lane to success. Keep moving, keep working, and keep building contacts, resources and experience and take advantage of the scenic route.

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