Why Keep An Application On Hand At a Temp Agency?

People hate to admit it, but it is true. When a job you want has been filled, you begin to lose motivation in your job searching and can’t see the merit for why to keep an application on file with a company.

However, KB Staffing believes it is vital to your next job to keep an application on file, and have the evidence to prove it’s good to be on file:

1) When your job application is on file, we can easily get in touch with you when a job in the field you want becomes available. It happens that KB Staffing gets employers calling who need temp employees right away and wouldn’t you like to be the first name we give to them as a qualified candidate?

2) Don’t get discouraged if the job you wanted is no longer hiring, because it could in a matter of months. When it is available, your job application on file with us can be immediately sought and sent to the employer needing help. Even if the position is a temp or temp-to-perm job, if it is in your work field of choice, it is well worth submitting your application.

3) Have you consider a job that you didn’t apply for? With your application on file with us, we can match you with potential employers who are looking for the skills that you offer. You may not have thought about applying for this job before, but we can see where both you and a possible job might align.

Feeling more confident about an application on file with KB Staffing? Apply online today to use our online application page to get on file with us, or by calling us at (863) 875-5721.

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