Your Phone Skills Are Key to Landing Some Jobs

Looking to get hired as an administrative assistant? Be prepared to show you are the master of the multiple lines and multitasking.

Many offices use multi-line phone systems, including a local construction office looking for an administrative assistant. How much experience do you have on the phones? Whether you have a lot or a little, it’s important to be prepared to answer questions about your telephone abilities in an interview. The key is to be honest about your experience while conveying that you understand the value of being quick and effective on the phone.

Start out by preparing for the interview. Do a little research and find out what type of phone system the company uses. Check their website and see if they mention it (especially if you are applying to a call center or other phone-oriented business), or just ask them while you’re setting up your interview. Make a note of how they answer the phone and handle your call when you communicate with them.

You should also prepare a detailed list of your phone experience to have on hand for the interview. If necessary, contact your former employer to find out what kind of phone system you were working on. Make a note of how many lines you handled and whether you were responsible for additional tasks such as checking and responding to voice mail or participating in conference calls. Did you use a headset or speakerphone? What was the average call volume? These are all important points to be ready to address.

Update your resume to reflect your phone skills. The phone line is often the customer’s first interaction with a company, so you want prospective employers to know right away that you can handle this position with professional efficiency.

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