3 Reasons Why Hiring a Temp is Just as Good as Hiring a Permanent Worker

Temp agencies are adding jobs to our economy by leaps and bounds. The ability to work for only a specific length of time provides freedom that attracts many employees. We’ve come up with some reasons why temp work is just as beneficial as permanent work:

  1. Temporary employment allows employers to hire for specific short-term tasks.

If you have a special project coming up, consider hiring a temp employee. Once the need to that extra work ends, you don’t have to fire or lay off anyone. It’s less paperwork and less stress.

  1. Temporary employment is a good way to test new employees.

There’s really no way to know for sure if a new hire is going to be a good fit for your company. Temporary workers provide freedom to employers because they can gauge whether or not to upgrade a temp to a full-time employee.

  1. Temporary workers are not as expensive as independent contractors.

Usually a temporary worker is sent to an employer by an agency whereas an independent contractor can set their own salary. You’ll be able to stay in-budget and have the proper tax forms done for you instead of doing all the work yourself.

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