Tips for Thriving at your Temp Job or Temp-to-Permanent Position

Don’t just get by at your temp job. That’s a drag. You want to enjoy going to work, just like others want to enjoy you being at work. You need to know how to market yourself, work with agencies, fit into the company culture, manage difficult relationships, and survive lulls in work. Here’s our tips on how to thrive in a temp job:

  1. Ask questions.

Learn as much as you can about the company and the position you are in. Most agencies require a basic skill set from their temp workers, but you can take advantage of this job and add training that will help you later on in life. From software to policies to marketing strategies—learn, learn, LEARN!

  1. Be positive.

No one likes a negative person. So be upbeat, happy to be there, and willing to go the extra mile. This will not only help you personally to thrive in your job, it will also encourage your co-workers to do their best as well!

  1. Be honest about your salary requirements.

Temporary work changes dramatically depending on the type of work required, the location of the company in connection with your home, and other market factors. Never imply that you’re open for whatever and then turn down an assignment because it doesn’t pay how you want. Let them know upfront what you expect. You’re sure to weed out the jobs that don’t work for you.

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