3 Tips on How to Train New Temp Workers

No matter how long you plan on keeping a worker, you want them to possess qualities that will streamline your production. Temp workers should be enthusiastic, adaptable, reliable, and hard-working. But even after you’ve put a temporary employee on your payroll, you still must train them in their basic role. Temp workers are used to wearing many hats on the various posts they fill, but they’ll still need to duplicate the cycles of action taken on a daily basis. Here at KB Staffing, we pride ourselves in finding workforce ready temp- and temp-to-perm employees for our clients, but because we also provide human resources solutions, we also know the ropes when it comes to bringing on a new hire, temporary or not. In order to effectively train them, we suggest 3 basic tips:

  1. Pair them with a mentor.

Which of your permanent employees is a great team player, experienced, and great at teaching others? Choose this person to be responsible for the new temp’s training. Not only will you feel comfortable, knowing your new temp worker will be competent on their post, but you’ll also rest easy knowing they have someone to direct questions to.


  1. Make them feel at home.

Company culture is a big factor in the success or failure of a temp employee. You don’t want to over-burden your permanent employees with a trepidatious temp employee who doesn’t feel comfortable asking questions. If a temp employee joins a friendly environment, they will be more likely to meet the goals of your organization and be motivated to provide quality work.


  1. Maintain a good relationship with your temp agency.

You may be thinking that a temp agency has little to do with the on-site training of your new temp workers. But, when you develop a rich relationship with your staffing agency, they’ll become more familiar with your needs and in turn, be able to provide you with the most flexible, best-trained workers for your organization.

Here at KB Staffing, we want to be your go-to agency that provides you with personalized staffing solutions. We’ll pair you with employees that best suit your company’s needs, and cultivate a long-term relationship with you so you can continue hiring and training new workers with ease. Our staffing expertise combined with the close professional relationship we’ll maintain with you, will provide you with skilled, work-ready professionals.

If you have any questions or need staffing help, feel free to contact us or give us a call at (863) 875-5721.

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