Our Passion is Staffing Solutions, and We Heart Our Workers

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, love is in the air. It’s a time of year when people around the world declare their love for their soulmates. At KB Staffing, we want to declare our passion for our clients and the staffing solutions we provide for them daily. This high standard of human resources services would not be possible, of course, without the quality workers we are able to recruit and hire. For businesses large and small, this time of year is when they look to fill their employment needs going forward— needing help to hire seasonal or temp-to-hire employees.

With a booming economy in the Polk County area and an influx of new businesses in retail, tourism, warehousing, and manufacturing, it’s a busy time— and that’s just what we love to see!

So, how do you capitalize on the growing economy while still keeping up with the responsibilities of running a company? After all, you don’t just want to bulk hire without considering the quality of the employees— inexperienced and incompetent hires will only slow down productivity and ultimately affect your bottom line. And you don’t want to divert all of your time and energy into hiring at the cost of quality customer service and business practices.

That’s where an expert staffing service comes into play. KB Staffing is a full-service staffing company in Central Florida, and we have temporary staffing options and seasonal workers available on-demand! We screen all temporary employees, which saves you the responsibility of doing so while also giving you reassurance that they’ve been vetted and approved. We also tailor our temporary employees to your business and industry—no generic hiring here.

Not sure how long you’ll need your temporary employees? That’s fine, too. Our staffing solutions include full-time temporary staffing options for an unlimited amount of time with no hiring obligations.

So, during the season of love, reach out to KB Staffing— the personalized staffing company that has a passion for your human resources solutions— by clicking here or calling us today at (863) 875-5721. We’re in the business of helping businesses succeed through quality, temporary hiring solutions.

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