5 Tips for Hiring Seasonal Workers

NOW is the perfect time to start looking for workers for the busy holiday season!

Well, here we are – August already, and 2019 is more than half over. That means the busy holiday season is just around the corner! If your business is one of many that gets extra busy during the holidays or winter months (welcome, snowbirds!), you may be thinking about hiring on some extra staff. What? You haven’t started your hiring process for the winter months yet? We at KB Staffing want to remind you that getting started on this task early will save you headaches down the road. Here are a few tips for preparing for the busy season.

Finding Good Seasonal Workers

  • Start early. Don’t wait until you actually need the extra help to start looking. Prepare in advance. Now is the perfect time to be running ads for holiday staff. Give yourself plenty of time to go through the process of interviewing and hiring. This will also give new workers a chance to learn the job before they get slammed.
  • Be detailed in your job description. When listing a job, it’s a good idea to give as many details as possible on what the job entails. Include the schedule and some description of the company. If there are drawbacks, include those, too. You really don’t want new people surprised on the job by something that may cause them to quit.
  • Look for employees among your customers. Your customers are already familiar with what you do and (hopefully) have a good opinion of your company. Plus, it’s easy to reach them – simply post your “help wanted” flyer in your establishment, and be open to answer any questions the customers may have.
  • Ask existing employees for referrals. Chances are, some of your employees have friends looking for work. Hard-working, loyal employees are likely to have friends that share those traits, and so can help you attract reliable help for the busy season. Consider instituting a referral bonus plan for employees.
  • Consider hiring retirees. Retirees often enjoy part-time or temporary jobs, and can be a great asset to your company. They often have a diverse skill set and are open to new tasks and flexible work arrangements.

Remember to call KB Staffing when you need to hire seasonal workers. We have the staffing experience to help you find the right candidates quickly. Our specialty is promoting Polk County employment opportunities, so put our expertise to work for you!


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