When Should You Hire a Temp?

KB Staffing helps you figure out if hiring a temp is right for your company.

A common conundrum for employers is the question of when to hire a new employee versus a temp. At KB Staffing, we are happy to help you find qualified individuals to fill any vacancies you may have. We carefully screen all applicants to ensure you are getting the right candidate for any position. Here are a few pointers on how to know when it’s appropriate to hire a temp.

When to Hire a Temp

  • If there are certain times of year that are busier than others at your company (such as holiday season), it can be helpful to hire a temp. You may not want to invest in a permanent full-time employee if you know you’ll only need them for a few weeks or a couple of months.
  • If you run a small company without a dedicated HR team, you may want to take advantage of the services a temp agency such as KB Staffing can offer. We can handle the HR details for you, including benefits and worker’s comp issues, leaving you to focus on the day-to-day details of running your business.
  • Hiring a temp can also help you “try out” employees before you commit to hiring them on permanently. This can help you determine who is a good fit for your team, without having to repeat the hiring process every few months.
  • Do you have a big project coming up that you could use some extra help on? Hire a temp! They can help you in a pinch, and they understand the temporary nature of the position, so they won’t be upset about not being kept on longer. Plus, if it turns out that they add a lot of value to your team, you can always opt to go ahead and hire them on.

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