A Resume with Impact – Your Key to Success

Here at KB Staffing, we receive countless resumes every week from all over Polk County and beyond. We specialize in matching qualified workers with the employers who need them. With over 15 years of staffing experience in Polk County, Florida, we are labor market experts and we know what works. Whether you live in Lakeland, Bartow or Winter Haven, let KB Staffing help you achieve your career goals. The first step in that process is your resume.

Now, imagine you have 10 seconds – you will either make an impression or be ignored. That is the most time a hiring manager will spend on first look at your resume. The impact of your resume in those 10 seconds will determine whether you get an interview… or not. It is more than a formality; it is your key to success or failure. Your resume will instantly tell a hiring manager whether you are an efficient and focused individual, or if you are a high-maintenance person requiring a lot of attention. It is not hard to guess which one will be interviewed! Here are a few general guidelines to use:

  • Use words that are tangible with facts to back them up. Keep it brief by stating what you increased or improved. Eliminate all subjective phrases. Use verbs instead of adjectives.
  • Make sure it is relevant to the job – does it convey that you are qualified or just what a clever person you are? It should be the former.
  • Once you determine what you want to say, remove at least half of the adjectives. Choose fewer words with greater impact.
  • Contact info – is it clear? Don’t make a hiring manager search for your info – they won’t.
  • Is it readable? Does it make sense? Is it chronological or functional? How much work is required to read it and understand your point?
  • Is it neat? Clutter is a turn-off – clean it up. Bullet points are a good way to be concise and tidy. One clean page, easy to scan.
  • Proofread. You will read what you meant to say and overlook errors; it is human nature, so ask someone else to go over it. Proofread it again. Read it slowly, word for word, out loud.
  • Finally – NEVER misrepresent, mislead or exaggerate on your resume.

Make sure your 10 seconds are well-spent by giving your resume the impact it needs to open the door to your success.

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