Human Resources: Simplify the Hiring Process

Whether you are a small business manager hiring one or two employees in a year, or the hiring manager for a large company constantly searching for talent, you know the importance of finding an employee with the right fit for your organization. Resumes and background checks, tests, interviews and probationary hiring are all part of the process designed to ensure a workforce of well-qualified and dedicated staff. Under the best of circumstances, it is a lot of work for you just to hire the people you need to get the job done.

What if that process were simplified? What if the only applicants you saw were pre-screened and qualified? What if hiring new employees carried no risk? It’s not a fantasy world, it’s our world. Using an established staffing agency will eliminate the roadblocks and the stress involved in your company’s hiring process. A staffing company works as your Human Resources department. Matching prospective employees to the needs of employers is our specialty. We go through the resumes, pre-screen and interview people before we send them to you. KB Staffing employees come ready to work for you on a temporary or temp-to-hire basis. You, the employer, get maximum flexibility without the normal risks and hassles of hiring off the street. An indefinite time frame is no problem with KB Staffing. We can offer full time temporary, too, with no obligation and no minimum commitment. We do the paperwork and assume the liabilities; you get a workforce focused on getting the job done.

KB Staffing is well known for providing qualified employees with good work ethics. So, chances are that you won’t want to let them go after the project is finished. Our employees are good, or we wouldn’t have sent them to you in the first place. Our temp-to-hire process makes it easy to transition temporary employees into permanent members of your team. We are here to help you with an efficient and streamlined hiring process.

Still not sure if KB Staffing can meet your hiring needs? Call us and ask! We will offer honest, straight talk on the best staffing options for your business. Email your questions or call us at (863) 875-5721. We welcome you to stop by our downtown Winter Haven office Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. We serve all of Polk County, Florida, including Lakeland, Bartow and other major cities.

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