Adapting to a Changing Reality

Adaptable is the name of the game in today’s employment arena. In the past few years, job-seekers have re-evaluated their skill sets, making dramatic mid-career changes. On the job, employees have become remarkably adaptable with changing workloads and departmental needs. Doing more with less is no longer just an expression, it is reality.

Employers are adapting, too. Traditional hiring practices have become… impractical. Posting a job opening in a public forum means, at best, receiving a barrage of unqualified applicants to sift through. It also invites an onslaught of spam. Social Media has become a popular recruiting tool. It seems that nearly everyone is doing their professional networking electronically.

Here’s a reality check for today’s hiring solutions: Not quite everyone is Linking In. Some professionals and highly skilled workers don’t spend hours each day on social Web sites. So, how does an employer recruit the best staff? Instead of advertising openings, weeding out applicants, hunting down references, screening candidates, and performing background checks, it is far more efficient to make one simple telephone call to a staffing service. Employers in the greater Lakeland metropolitan area, including Bartow and Winter Haven, rely on KB Staffing for the best personnel, whether temporary, full-time temporary, or temp-to-hire.

KB Staffing has pre-screened and qualified personnel, ready to work today. Skilled construction and warehouse workers might not be found a chat room, but they can be found through KB Staffing’s professional human resources service. Administrative professionals with varying specialties are also among KB Staffing’s qualified and pre-screened personnel.

Both job seekers and employers in Bartow, Lakeland and Winter Haven enjoy big advantages by using KB Staffing. No more weeding through marginally qualified applicants. No more tap-dancing around the question of compensation. KB Staffing ensures everyone’s expectations are clear. Who, what, when, where and how much are set. KB Staffing makes hiring easy.

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