Trends in Temporary Talent

According to Forbes magazine, the Lakeland – Winter Haven area, close to 17% of employers were planning to increase their workforce in the first quarter of this year, but some are reluctant to invest in permanent hiring. Fortunately, there is a strong temporary workforce across Polk County, from Bartow to Lakeland and Winter Haven. As an employer or a hiring manager, sometimes it can be challenging to know the best route to take to ensure adequate staffing. Some industries, such as construction and warehouse management, regularly rely on temporary workers when a bigger than normal job comes through the door.

No manager or business owner wants to turn away a large order just because it stretches available manpower. It is also unrealistic to go on a hiring spree for one or two big jobs. The trend is to “Go Temp,” and the best temporary personnel can be found through a good staffing agency (like KB Staffing in Winter Haven.) A staffing agency will do more than match workers with open positions. Managing applications, background checks, pre-screening and testing when applicable, are all part of the process of recruiting the right employee for every job. Full service Human Resources management from a staffing firm (like KB Staffing) can offer cost-effective solutions for hiring, with lower than average MOD rates and no unemployment costs.

There is a good reason the trend in talent acquisition is toward temps. Staffing agencies offering versatile hiring options like temporary, full-time temporary and temp-to-hire personnel give employers the choices necessary to make things happen. In the greater Lakeland – Winter Haven area, including Bartow, KB Staffing is the best choice for help with Human Resources. To find out how KB Staffing can help, call for a FREE CONSULTATION! Call (863) 875-5721. KB Staffing delivers!

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