Addressing Staffing Concerns for Our Clients

As a full-service staffing agency for Central Florida businesses both big and small, we here at KB Staffing often meet with clients who have concerns about several aspects of the recruiting, hiring, and human resources management process.

One of the first concerns we hear about is . . . How can I quickly recruit a workforce? Oftentimes, the timeline for completing the job is a temporary window, so there is time pressure added to the already important process of bringing on new workers. Another concern we often address is . . . How can I find the most competent, skilled workforce? These questions are not easily answered in one blog or over one cup of coffee, but the process of hiring reliable temp- or temp-to-permanent employees— and retaining them for the needed time period— is certainly possible with the right staffing and human resources support.

First, it is essential to properly screen and test your potential new-hires. Once they’re hired, it’s vital to ensure they receive the proper training and are thoroughly informed of company policies specific to your organization. At KB Staffing, we have personnel who have already been screened and qualified. We’ve already completed one of the most important steps of the recruitment process by making sure our temporary workforce has the skills and training necessary to get the job done right. This saves our clients time and helps increase company efficiency, which ultimately affects their bottom line.

If you’re in need of trained staff in warehousing, light industrial, construction, general labor, infrastructure management, citrus processing, harvesting, packaging, office administration, or other professional trades, we can help! If you have any questions, or need help addressing your staffing concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help fill your staffing needs, whether the job is for a few hours, a week, a month, or indefinitely.

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