Recruiting Doesn’t Take a Holiday (and Neither Do We)

The holidays are coming. And while they’re no doubt filled with the spirit of joy and giving, they’re also one of the busiest and most stressful times of the year for businesses. Not to mention a fantastic and profitable time, when business booms and customers flock in droves. In fact, the holidays are so extraordinarily busy that several industries—including retail, hospitality, customer service, food preparation, warehousing and more—rapidly hire seasonal or temp-to-hire employees.

According to a 2014 survey of 2,203 hiring and human resource managers, two out of five retailers intend to hire seasonal workers in this year’s fourth quarter. That’s 43 percent— up from 39 percent last year. And overall, 26 percent of companies across the board intend to hire during this quarter.

So, how do you capitalize on the hiring boom while still keeping up with the responsibilities of running a company during the busiest time of the year? After all, you don’t just want to bulk hire without considering quality of the employees—inexperienced and incompetent hires will only slow you down during the holidays. And you don’t want to divert all of your time and energy into hiring at the cost of quality customer service and business practices.

That’s where an expert staffing service comes into play. KB Staffing is a full-service staffing company in Polk County, and we have temporary staffing options and seasonal workers available for those concentrated times of high sales. We screen all temporary employees, which saves you the responsibility of doing so while also giving you reassurance that they’ve been vetted and approved. We also tailor our temporary employees to your business and industry—no generic hiring here.

Not sure how long you’ll need your temporary employees? That’s fine, too. Our staffing solutions include full-time temporary staffing options for an unlimited amount of time with no hiring obligations.

And since reports that three in 10 employees intend to hire full-time and permanent employees during the holidays, we also have temp-to-hire services. If you believe our temp employee or employees would be an excellent fit for your company, you can hire them after just 90 days.

So, if you’re not sure how to handle the holiday hiring rush, reach out to KB Staffing solutions by clicking here or calling us today at (863) 875-5725. We’re in the business of helping businesses succeed through quality, temporary hiring solutions.

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