Agritourism: Promoting Tourism & Harvesting

Polk County small farmers have been looking for ways to increase their profit and profile in the county, and it looks like they have finally found a way to do so. The Ledger published the article, “County Hopes to Turn Farms Into Tourist Attractions” which provided an in-depth look at how Polk County farmers are trying to establish and promote agritourism.

Agritourism is considered a form of niche tourism. It is growing around the world, and the farmers in Polk County are trying to tap into this growing niche market by offering tours of their farms. Shady Oaks Fruit Farm is one of the local farms that have been hosting tours of their blueberry operations. They are hoping to promote both interest in harvesting blueberries through their u-pick operations, raising additional income for their business, and providing information and resources to others in the Polk County area who are interested in opening their own small blueberry farm.

KB Staffing can provide your business with the staff and resources you need to enter the agritourism market. We can provide your firm with temporary personnel who can assist you in operating seasonal tours of your farm. We can even provide you with bilingual employees, which will allow your farm to market your tours to an even larger agritourism market. Our temporary personnel are trained professionals. In addition, we can handle all of the HR responsibilities of your additional seasonal staff, making your expansion into agritourism a smooth one. Contact us today to get started!

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