Evaluating Your Current Staffing Status

Businesses are using different staffing options to help maintain their success while the economic state of the country remains in recovery. As the chilled temperatures of winter mellow, the heat of spring boost sales at major retail stores. In April, a surge in sales sprung as the demand for summer attire rose. The change in seasons, however, was not solely responsible for the rising revenue; layoffs earlier this year also contributed to the increase in first quarter profits.

The Ledger reports that 1,800 jobs were eliminated to save Macy’s Inc. an estimate of $100 million per year. Combine the fragile economic state of the country with the winter storms that struck New York and Cincinnati – which ultimately kept shoppers away from the malls – and the job cuts became a necessity to keep up with last year’s revenue. However, as holidays, sales and change of seasons spring forth during the remainder of 2014, an increase in staffing may become a necessity to keep up with customer needs. This is the best time to evaluate your current staffing in preparation for the third quarter.

As the country continues to strive forward with economic recovery, measures are still necessary to help businesses stay afloat. Staffing firms, for instance, aid in assisting businesses with filling positions lost to layoffs by replenishing with temporary staffing options. Whether your are a business searching to eliminate the hassle and time constants of the hiring process or if you are searching for employment opportunities, KB Staffing, LLC is a reliable avenue to explore. For more information about employment opportunities and staffing options throughout Polk County, feel free to contact us.

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