Are You Bilingual? Market Yourself Professionally

Are you bilingual? If so, sell that skill! We live in a multicultural society, so savvy businesses know that to capture the biggest market share, they need to cater to people with many different backgrounds. At KB Staffing, we are always on the lookout for bilingual candidates for various positions – from citrus nursery laborers to medical office assistants.

How Can Being Bilingual Pay Off?
You may not believe this, but being fluent in multiple languages makes you smarter. Studies have shown that being bilingual provides protection against dementia as you age and improves your cognitive abilities, making you better at problem-solving. Employers will recognize this asset, among others, when they interview job candidates. 

The ability to communicate in more than one language also means that you can interact with more people since there are going to be some individuals who want to do business with your company who don’t speak English at all. Your ability to converse with these potential clients means increased revenue for your company – and employers know this. Many companies are willing to pay a higher wage to employees who can fluently engage customers in other languages. 

Think about this – if you are up for a job against another candidate who has almost the exact same qualifications as you, and the primary difference between the two of you is that only one of you is bilingual, who do you think is going to get the job? In most instances, it’s going to be the person with a wider range of communication skills – the bilingual candidate. 

KB Staffing Is Seeking Bilingual Employees
In case you’re not yet convinced of the value of bilingualism, just call KB Staffing! We are always looking for bilingual employees. While not every job listing may state a requirement for bilingualism, there are some that do, and many that would prefer it. We know that the Polk County workforce is diverse, and KB Staffing strives to make use of the special skills and abilities of all our workers.

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