Important Skills for Clerical Jobs

If you are seeking an office job, you should have these basic clerical skills.

When it comes to work and job skills, different people have different talents and abilities. What are your special talents? Are they aligned with the work you are seeking? KB Staffing offers many clerical jobs, some temp-to-hire jobs and some full-time temp jobs, so if you are good with computers, organization, time management, and multi-tasking, a clerical position could be right for you. 

What Makes a Good Clerical Job Candidate?
If you are looking for an office job doing clerical or administrative duties, there are certain skills that your employer will be looking for you to have. KB Staffing recommends that you evaluate your ability in the following areas:

  • Typing. Typing ability is a basic prerequisite for almost any office job. The standard expectation is that you are able to type about 60 words per minute with minimal errors. 
  • Phone skills. Many clerical positions involve either customer service or internal communications via phone. Practice your “phone voice” to make sure it is professional, friendly, and easy to understand. 
  • Data entry. Familiarize yourself with the numeric keypad. Accuracy is vital for data entry tasks.
  • Filing. Attention to detail matters when filing documents.
  • Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is the most commonly used word processing program. Once you are adept with Word, you can create and modify just about any necessary document.
  • Microsoft Excel. Not every position will require the use of spreadsheets, but some do, so it’s best to have a working knowledge of how to use Excel, as well.

If you think you are lacking in any of these listed skills, search for free tutorials online to help you improve. There are many resources geared toward helping job seekers boost their skills.

KB Staffing Has Open Clerical Positions
If you are looking for clerical work in Lakeland, Winter Haven, or throughout Polk County, contact KB Staffing today. We have several open positions currently available, so check out our job postings to see what would be a good fit for you.

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