Attention Job Seekers: Tips for Applying in Person

In this electronic age, you may think applying for a job means filling out applications on a computer or sending emails with your resume attached. The truth of the matter is that many companies hiring for Central Florida jobs still require you to come in and fill out an application in person, KB Staffing included. Follow these tips for applying in person to get a leg up over other applicants.

Dress for Success

First impressions are so important, and you never know who you may meet when applying for a job. Nix anything that says “I-just-rolled-out-of-bed” or gives the impression you’re coming from the gym. Groom and dress as if you were going to an interview; it’s possible that you could be interviewed on the spot. As to how dressed-up you should get, most industry experts advise dressing to one level above what you would be expected to wear every day to work.

Come Prepared

You’re creating lasting first impressions while filling out an application in person, so make like a Boy Scout and have everything with you that you might need. Copies of your resume available in-hand to go with your application? Check. Names, phone numbers, and addresses of two or three references? Check. A handful of black or blue ink pens (you never know)? Check!

Similarly, learn everything that you can about the company, such as the names of key players and the exact nature of what the company does, so you can use such information to show your seriousness and attention to detail if you do happen to meet a hiring manager or Human Resources VIP.

Use Your Manners

They say you catch more flies with honey, so make sure you offer a pleasant personality to everyone. You never know if the receptionist is the gatekeeper to getting your application to the Human Resources manager, so look everyone in the eye, smile pleasantly, say “please” and “thank you” and show respect to all.

Follow these guidelines, and you’ll be sure to increase your chances of making a good impression when you go to apply in person. Looking for a job? Then, visit our employment opportunities page now, where we have immediate openings for diverse trade and professional positions open. If you’re an employer looking for a skilled new professional to add to your team, contact us today! We have a competent and skillful workforce available now to help you get the job done.

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