Avoid Burnout by Recognizing the Signs

Are you counting down the minutes until the weekend – every Monday morning? Do every one of your co-workers get on your last nerve? Does the job that you used to enjoy now cause you interminable stress and aggravation? Has the job actually changed, or are you just burnt out? KB Staffing is here to support the Polk County workforce in any way we can, so let’s take a look at what work burnout is and how to avoid it.

Identifying Burnout Before It’s Too Late
First, we need to understand what burnout really is, because it’s not the same as having a rough day here and there. Burnout happens when you are deeply committed to your career and have devoted a great deal of time and energy to it, and find yourself utterly exhausted or frustrated by the long-term effort, especially if you have not seen the results that you’d hoped to. 

Burnout differs from physical or mental fatigue in that rest can replenish you if you’re just tired. Often, burnout involves a state of disillusionment that no amount of rest can reverse. You can only “burn out” if you were “on fire” for your work in the first place, and when you come to see that work as radically different from how you once perceived it, in a way that leaves you feeling immensely disappointed, the shift in perspective can cause almost an existential crisis.

Some warning signs of burnout that we at KB Staffing have noticed in others are:

  • An increasingly negative or critical attitude about the job.
  • Frequent absences from work.
  • Physical ailments, such as headache or backache, more and more often.
  • Irritability with colleagues or customers.
  • Putting the blame on others for your mistakes.
  • Trouble focusing or concentrating at work.
  • Talk of quitting or quitting a job abruptly.

Take a Break Before You Break
At KB Staffing, we focus on staffing solutions, so we’d rather help you find another position more suitable for you then see you suffer in a role you’ve grown to loathe. There are plenty of Central Florida jobs out there, so if you feel trapped in your current employment, let us find you something else that you can feel good about again.

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