Back to School Safety Tips

The flashing lights, the crossing guards waving signs, the squeals of children running to their schools: all are familiar sights as Polk County heads back to school this month 

However, the delights of the school year can be marred by rushed drivers who aren’t taking the right precautions around excited kids not paying attention to their surroundings. School zones are the most prominent areas for children to get by cars than anywhere else, according to the National Safe Routes to School program.

The National Safety Council published helpful, online tips for drivers around school zones to ensure that drivers make the right choices with their cars, whether picking children up or just passing through the school zone.

When dropping children off at designated drop-off areas, make sure not to double park your vehicle that can block children’s views of the school. Carpool if possible to reduce the number of vehicles in the drop-off area and drop the children off at the school and not across the street.

Make sure to be aware of young children as you drive in school zones, driving slow through appointed school zones and around vehicles stopped for pedestrians. Don’t block the crosswalk when waiting for a traffic light, as this could cause children and parents to walk around your car and possibly into traffic.

As you approach a stopped school bus, take note of the flashing lights and stop behind the bus to wait for children to exit. Don’t speed around the bus as children enter or exit the school bus, as children might run or stop abruptly without being aware of oncoming cars.

Bicyclists must also be watched while driving, as some bicyclists may not signal properly when making turns. Leave three feet between you and the bicyclist, and allow him/her to turn first, or go through, before you make your turn.

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