Burning Bridges Is Bad Business

As you pursue your chosen career path, there are likely to be times when you need to leave one employer in order to accept an opportunity with another. While it might be tempting to go out with a bang by making your grievances known to your soon-to-be boss, KB Staffing does not recommend that approach. Burning bridges can be a bad idea when it comes to future employment options.

Leaving a Job with Grace
There are a lot of great Central Florida jobs out there for the Polk County workforce, and at KB Staffing we love seeing people succeed and advance in their careers. Leaving one job for another is a common occurrence, but it can always be done with dignity and class.

Respect your employer and don’t leave without notice. Schedule a short meeting in person or via video chat so you can deliver the news as soon as you’ve accepted another position. 

When you meet for the conversation, be direct and avoid unnecessary chit-chat. Just let your boss know that you’ve decided to pursue other options and you won’t be available after a certain date, traditionally two weeks out.

Be prepared to offer constructive feedback if your boss asks for it, such as the relevant reasons you are leaving the company. It might be a good idea to practice this part beforehand, so you can make these comments concisely yet kindly. 

You may offer to help smooth the transition by training your replacement or otherwise setting up the next person to take over your responsibilities easily. 

Finally, express your gratitude and appreciation for the experience you’ve gained with that employer. Let them know that you value what you’ve learned from them. It’s much better to leave on good terms than to scorch the earth on your way out.

Your Future Awaits
Don’t be afraid of growth and change! It’s easy to stay where you’re comfortable and just let the years go by, but the challenges and opportunities of change are what encourage growth, professionally and personally. And if you need some help getting in the door with the Polk County employment opportunities that are available, just call KB Staffing, the number one full-service staffing company in Polk County.

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