Celebrate National Safety Month with Workplace Safety Tips

June marks an important month for many, as it is National Safety Month, and what better way to recognize the month with workplace safety tips to ensure your safety at work?

The necessity of safety is important especially for construction workers, as 4,821 construction workers die on the job, about 13 a day, each year, according to reports by the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2014 Census of Fatal Injuries, featured on the National Safety Council website.

KB Staffing wants employers and employees in the Polk County workforce, from office settings to construction jobsites, to be mindful of safety for all workers, so we have compile a top five safety list to help reach that goal.

1) First aid and CPR training is very important for any injury in the workplace, whether it is a small paper cut to bandaging a head wound or saving a life through CPR. First aid and CPR training should be available to all employees, made available through a corporate-approved person or an employer’s own choice of professional, to ensure any accident can be alleviated. 

2) Some jobs require regular driving during the workday, especially in the construction field, and accidents can occur that cost lives and finances for a company. Defensive driving safety training could educate workers on proper driving rules to follow, while also showing a company’s interest in safety for workers and the public.

3) Get connected with your employees by taking a survey of what workers find safe and not safe while on the job. Their insight could encourage you to make changes where they are needed in your workplace. You can even find survey resources online to guide the discussions. 

4) Look over what your company’s initial training procedures are for new hires and assess whether these procedures comply with OSHA standards and offer a safe workplace for your employees.

5) Receive professional consulting from safety organizations like the National Safety Council to gain an accurate reading on where your company stands in provision of safety and how to improve best the procedures for workplace safety.

There are several local companies in Polk County where safety is top priority and several are hiring right now for temp to temp-to-hire employment. KB Staffing would like to help you connect with these safety-conscious companies by contact us online or visiting us at our Winter Haven location. You can also apply online for the jobs we have posted, using our online application page.

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