Ergonomics Part 3: Safety at the Office with Your Computer Work Station

MSD injury, or Musculoskeletal Disorder injuries, are common incidences that can happen in the office, whether you are a full-time employee or a new temp. MSD injuries include injuries of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, cartilage, joints and spinal discs, as specified from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration section in the United States Department of Labor website.

In the office setting, many people may not realize that injuries are prevalent and the computer work station could be a place where a worker might take more risks with his/her body than someone out in the construction field or in roadside maintenance.

OSHA provides helpful, preventative measures to make the public aware and engaged in safety at the computer work station.

If a heavy amount of material is within your work station, two people should handle the load together instead of one to prevent back injury, so ask a co-worker to help you move something heavy in your office (desk, bookcase, materials).

When at your computer work station, have your chair at a comfortable level where your feet are firmly on the ground, the chair back is tilted upright and you are seated in a way where your fingers are not tilted at an angle on the computer keyboard. The mouse should also be at a space that is reachable for your fingers and use a wrist rest of some kind to give comfort to your wrist.

If your computer monitor is not eye-level, you could strain neck muscles and cause discomfort in your eyes, so adjust your monitor to a height level where it is easier on your neck. As for your phone, filing cabinet and common needs of paper and pen, place these items around areas where you can easily maneuver over to them while in your chair or can get up and walk to these items.

Executing the right ergonomics at your computer work station can help you remain safe and happy while working. If you are interested in temporary administrative/office positions in Polk County, KB Staffing has these types of employment opportunities on our website. Apply online with our online application page for all jobs, whether temporary to temp-to-perm, or you can visit us in Winter Haven weekdays from 9-11 am or 2-4 pm.

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