Communication Is the Key to Success

Communication is important in any line of work. It’s one skill that every employee should strive to develop to the best of their ability. Whether you need to chat with customers to sell products or you just need to follow your supervisor’s instructions for the day’s productivity, communication plays a vital role in your professional success. Below are KB Staffing’s top tips for enhancing your communication skills. 

Great Communication Skills

At KB Staffing, we work directly with the Polk County workforce as well as with local businesses, and we understand that different scenarios require different communication techniques. However, the following skills can improve your ability to communicate effectively in any situation.

  • Listening. Great communication starts with listening. Give your full attention to the person speaking to you. Don’t interrupt, and don’t spend your time thinking about what you’ll say next. Listen attentively, ask relevant questions, and paraphrase back what the speaker said to ensure you understand correctly.
  • Be adaptable. Not every conversation will take place face-to-face, so hone your written communication skills, too. In emails and professional texts, use proper grammar and punctuation (not “text speak!”), and keep the tone appropriate. Provide a timely response, but exercise patience when awaiting a reply. Use flags like “urgent” sparingly so they don’t lose their intended potency.
  • Empathy. In frustrating or upsetting situations, do your best to see things from the other party’s point of view. Be a good listener and assure them that you hear their concerns and, when appropriate, you want to work with them to resolve the issue. Sometimes a co-worker just needs to vent, or a client has had a bad day and is being uncharacteristically difficult to work with. Lending a sympathetic ear can work wonders when it comes to diffusing tense situations.

We’re Listening!

When you work with an expert staffing service like KB Staffing, either as a business client or as an individual worker, you can always count on us to listen to your concerns. We’ll do our best to resolve any issues you may have related to the services we provide, because we care about our clients and our workers, and we strive to communicate that in every interaction.

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