Staffing Agencies Play a Vital Role In the Economy

KB Staffing is a leader in offering staffing solutions for the Central Florida economy. Have you ever wondered what role staffing services play in the overall economy? We might seem like a behind-the-scenes player, but the role we play is a big one!

The Role of Staffing Companies

Once upon a time, when a company needed more staff members, they ran an advertisement in the local newspaper or hung a “Now Hiring” sign out front. Things have changed and those methods of finding good employees are all but obsolete now.

We at KB Staffing are proud of the role we play in keeping the Polk County workforce gainfully employed with area businesses. In the fast-paced, technologically-driven world of the 21st century, very few companies have the time to devote to rounding up qualified job applicants, screening them, running background checks, and then training them once they’re hired. 

This is where staffing companies like KB Staffing come in. We work directly with employers and employees to bridge the gap between “potential new hire” and “outstanding employee.” We assess the skills and qualifications of the workers who apply with us so we know exactly who to recommend when a company needs staff. 

An expert staffing company like ours streamlines the whole process of hiring so there are fewer dead-end applicants for employers to sort through, and fewer hoops for qualified applicants to have to jump through to get a job. Plus, we handle all the duties of a human resources manager, like payroll, workers’ comp claims, time off requests, and more. When we take care of these details, businesses can focus on their day-to-day operations and employees can concentrate on their professional development.

Let KB Staffing Show You What We Do

When we’re doing our job right, you’ll hardly notice that we’re doing anything at all – but that doesn’t mean the KB Staffing team isn’t busy! We’re always looking out for the best interests of the clients we serve and the workers we employ here in Polk County.

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