Could a Career Change to Temp Work Unlock Your Dream Career?

It is not uncommon to find yourself stuck in a career and unsure of how to move forward with it. Retirement may be too far away, and going back to school could be an unlikely financial option.

However, have you ever considered being a temp as part of discovering a new career path? Although temp work has been given a bad rap over the years, if handled properly, it could be the right opportunity to learn about a new career and invest in its growth.

When first looking into temp work, be sure to contact a reputable temp agency and especially one that has specialized placement among its services to allow you to be acquainted with a temp-to-hire job in your field of interest. Get to know your placement officer so that he/she can better assist you in locating a temp job that could become a full-time career.

Once you have taken a temp position, take the opportunity to become familiar with the company and how it operates. Make this time a valuable staffing experience and not just a quick jumping off point to snagging that corner office and bigger paycheck.

Research the company, get to know your co-workers and learn all the ins and outs of your temp job company. If your company has sponsored events or activities it does, make it a point to attend; ask your boss if it is okay to attend a special event the company is holding.

Learn all you can at your temp job and see if this is the career avenue you have been looking to restart your career and make work enjoyable again.

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