What To Put, And What Not To Put, For Work History for Temp Workers

It’s a question many of us struggle with when filling out job applications: what do you put, and what do you leave out, of past job experience to make your resume successful. It’s always a good idea to get expert help when applying for jobs, which KB Staffing can help provide for those seeking Polk County employment opportunities.


Here are some tips to also assist you in determining how to organize your work experience on your resume:


  • List Last Ten Years of Experience. Resume experts encourage job seekers to only put the last ten years of work experience on resumes, as technology in years prior to ten years may not be used anymore.


  • Do List Different Jobs You’ve Held. If you have held different titles over the years, make sure to include them in your resume. If you have held multiple positions in one company, even in temporary staffing, list these jobs on your resume to show your advancement.


  • Pay Attention to Job Description. Read through each job entry on your resume, so as not to limit any employment opportunities you could have. If you are concerned more jobs means your age could prevent a job offer, display the skills you’ve learned in a “Skills section” instead of the job itself. Even if your job seems inadequate, such as lifeguarding one summer, the skills you learned in the job could put you ahead of others (especially if worded creatively).


  • It’s Okay to Be Temporary. If you label “temporary” for a position, don’t worry. Just show you were consistent at the job, the skills you learned and that you are comfortable with a position like this.



To learn more about temp-to-hire jobs and full-time temp jobs in Polk County, visit KB Staffing at our Winter Haven location, or contact us online.


-Information courtesy of National College website

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