Day Labor vs. Staff on Demand

At KB Staffing, we are occasionally asked what the difference is between Day Labor and Staff on Demand. There are certainly similarities. Both Day Labor and Staff on Demand can solve short term and single job manpower needs. Using traditional Day Labor to fill a temporary position with unskilled workers can, at times, get the job done. However, putting a hammer in someone’s hand does not make them a carpenter. Then there are the urban legends and horror stories about Day Laborers which strike fear in the hearts of temporary employers.

Understanding the risks and challenges of using Day Laborers inspired KB Staffing to offer Staff on Demand. Staff on Demand eliminates the risks associated with Day Labor. KB Staffing pre-screens, tests and qualifies all employees before sending them out to work on a temporary job. KB Staffing sends workers with a skill set suitable to the job at hand, so employers need not worry about the caliber and qualifications of temporary personnel. Injury rates are significantly reduced by using experienced and qualified temporary employees for every job. KB Staffing’s personalized service ensures a good employee/employer match, even for a one day assignment.

KB Staff on Demand are as flexible as traditional Day Labor. They are ready to work today. With Staff on Demand, employers get the work done with no further commitments, just as if they used a Day Labor agency. There is no obligation or hidden expectations and everyone is satisfied. Get exactly the temporary manpower you need for the amount of time you need it with KB Staffing’s Staff on Demand.

KB Staffing has pre-screened, tested and qualified people throughout Polk County ready to work today. If you are in Bartow, Lakeland, Winter Haven or beyond, call KB Staffing to learn about temporary staffing solutions for your business. Call us today, (863) 875-5721.

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