Today’s HR Problem: High Employee Turnover

Today’s HR Problem: High Employee Turnover

A company that suffers from a high staff turnover rate is harming itself in more ways than one. The most obvious is the enormous cost of hiring new people to fill vacancies. Less evident, but as harmful to the bottom line is the negative effect on employee morale caused by frequent personnel changes. When the office has a revolving door, the instability creates a lack of trust among colleagues, subsequently sabotaging teamwork and productivity.

What’s a hiring manager to do?

It’s time to re-group. It is crucial to determine what is behind this phenomenon in order t o stop the cycle. Mistakes have been made and need to be identified, not to point fingers but to learn from. Where did expectations fail to meet reality? Were the employee’s expectations about the company and job unrealistic or vice-versa? Was the job description missing some key points? Even if each employee had a different reason for leaving, like it or not, there is a pattern. Reviewing the notes from past interviews will help determine how a successful candidate became a former employee. What characteristics stood out in the interview and how did that apply to the day to day realities of the job?

Analyze the job

Analyzing the job is a useful tool when writing the job description. It will also help you narrow down just what you are looking for when you fill the position. Understanding its duties and responsibilities goes without saying; list the pros and cons of the job as well – and be candid about the cons. Ask the people in that department to do the same. This is a key step in identifying the roadblocks to success in the position. Until that is determined, there is no point in looking at résumés because you won’t have a clear focus on what qualifications are required.

A loyal and focused workforce for your bottom line

Completing the step above will help you prioritize qualifications before the interview process begins. Don’t make the mistake of hiring someone because you “like” them. Have a specific list of qualities to measure in every candidate. It is possible to find a self-starter who also works well with others. Look at what motivates each candidate: some people solve problems because they need solving; some solve problems to avoid their main responsibilities; and still other s do so because they crave a hero’s attention. Which of those workers is likely to help your organization’s bottom line?

Professional Human Resources

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