Eliminating Unemployment in Bartow, Lakeland, Plant City and Winter Haven

Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. It’s not a good fit and it’s time to stop pretending. Decisions are made and goodbyes are said. Just when you think you have time to regroup, the mail arrives. Officially titled Determination Notice of Unemployment Compensation Claim Filed, to an employer it means “bill.” Often it means big bill. As difficult as it is to let an employee go, the burden is compounded by the post-termination expenses generated by an unemployment claim.

In addition to the paperwork and the loss of productivity, claims for unemployment compensation result in thousands of dollars in additional expenses for employers. Larger corporations usually include it in the annual budget, part of the cost of doing business. For small to mid-sized companies, the financial impact may delay necessary hiring. KB Staffing offers the perfect solution for employers of all sizes from Bartow and Lakeland to Plant City and Winter Haven. Hiring in partnership with KB Staffing means no risk hiring. KB Staffing can tailor solutions to meet the needs of your business. Consider full-time temporary, which allows for an unlimited employment term. Perhaps temp-to-hire is more suitable. Temp-to-hire means you can hire the employee after just 90 days.

One of the many advantages to working with KB Staffing is that once a job is finished, there are no obligations for the employer. KB Staffing takes care of all liabilities, even payroll and unemployment taxes as well as workers’ compensation insurance. Whether your business is in Bartow, Lakeland, Plant City, or Winter Haven, KB Staffing can help you. KB Staffing has trained personnel across Polk County ready to work. Find out more about flexible staffing solutions from KB Staffing in Winter Haven.

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