An Employment Matchmaker in Lakeland, Bartow, Winter Haven and Plant City

Polk County has an amazing cross-section of manpower. A diversity of fields and skills are represented in the workforce from Bartow to Lakeland to Winter Haven. Qualified managers and office administrators, as well as skilled and unskilled construction personnel are all in the employment arena in the Lakeland – Winter Haven MSA. The best employees are well-trained, experienced and …. right here!

It all sounds good on paper, right? It’s an ideal match – there is work to be done and a workforce to do it. But, what is the real secret to staffing your company with productive, efficient employees? What if you don’t have time to recruit, screen, test and interview applicants?

Simply put, it’s like the song… Matchmaker, Matchmaker, make me a match. In years past, Matchmakers played an important role in society. Before it was socially acceptable for men and women to get to know each other before marriage they needed an intermediary to ensure it was a good match. A matchmaker does the research and provides the end result – a suitable candidate.

A workforce matchmaker is what you get with a professional staffing agency, such as KB Staffing in Winter Haven. Staffing agencies are specialists in the employment process, along with applicable laws and required paperwork. KB Staffing serves as your company’s off-site personnel office, handling everything from recruiting to payroll. KB Staffing has the mechanisms in place to find and screen qualified workers, saving employers time and resources in the process. Budgeting becomes significantly easier when you write one check instead of several. Whether the employee is temporary, temporary full-time, or temp-to-hire, KB Staffing will take care of payroll, payroll taxes, workers comp and unemployment insurance for one manageable price.

Whether your company is in Bartow, Lakeland, Plant City or Winter Haven, KB Staffing can find you the perfect match!

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