Flexibility in Tough Times

Getting a temporary job could save your family’s finances during these unprecedented times.

Has the ongoing coronavirus pandemic affected you financially? Have you lost work and suffered a decrease in household income as a result? If so, we at KB Staffing understand that this can be a stressful and frustrating situation. We want to help the Polk County workforce stay employed during this major public health crisis, and we have the staffing experience to do so. If you have been negatively impacted in your career by COVID-19, give KB Staffing a call to learn more about full-time temp jobs and temp-to-hire jobs. 

Temp Jobs Fill the Gap
Not every industry is back up and running at full capacity yet, after being affected by coronavirus shutdowns. But people still need to work to pay their bills! This is a time when temporary jobs can be instrumental in helping people get their financial situations back on track. Maybe the government will approve stimulus money, it’s hard to say. Unfortunately, we can’t always rely on our government to provide us help when we need it.

Picking up a temporary job assignment can help you put food on your family’s table and keep the bills up-to-date. No one knows when life in America will be completely “normal” again, so we just have to make the best of what we have. A temp job might even surprise you, by showing you a new career path that you hadn’t previously considered.

Call KB Staffing to Get Started
KB Staffing knows what the current Polk County employment opportunities are, so we can get you working now. We have openings available in Lakeland, Winter Haven, and throughout the county, so we can help you find a job close to where you are. Don’t be discouraged by the strange times we are experiencing – let KB Staffing help you get through this crisis in a productive manner. 

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