It’s Not Impossible to Find a New Job Right Now

KB Staffing has opportunities in several big industries that are still going strong despite the ongoing pandemic.

Now is a strange time to look for a new job. Honestly, 2020 has just been an all-around strange time. Still, life goes on and we all have bills to pay, mouths to feed, and responsibilities to bear. Whether you are out of work due to a coronavirus shutdown or are looking for employment for an entirely different reason, KB Staffing is here to help. We stay in touch with the Central Florida economy and know what industries are currently experiencing hiring booms. 

Who’s Hiring?
At KB Staffing, we understand that looking for work can be a challenge at any point, but even more so in these uncertain times. It can be baffling to try to figure out on your own which industries are doing circumstantially well and which are in free-fall mode. Fortunately, you do not have to go it alone. KB Staffing is on your side, ready and eager to help you be a contributing member of the Polk County workforce. 

Construction is one industry that has remained relatively unaffected by global health woes. Structures and roads still need to be built, renovations and remodels are still taking place, and so are repairs and maintenance. Carpenters and other skilled tradespeople are always in high demand. 

Another field that is going strong is the agricultural sector. People need to eat, and farms need to function. Growers can’t do all the work by themselves, and they rely on employees in full time temp jobs throughout the season to get things done. 

Warehouse workers are also in high demand right now. With more people staying home and avoiding public spaces, there has been an increase in online shopping. The products to be delivered don’t just materialize on the customer’s doorstep – there are a lot of vital workers behind the scenes making sure that consumers are getting the goods they need to continue living and thriving. 

Call KB Staffing for More Information
If you are out of work or just looking for a change of pace, KB Staffing can help you locate your next opportunity. Put our staffing experience to work for you by sending in your application today.

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