Getting the Resume Right in the Post-COVID Era

A lot has changed these past few years, and KB Staffing recognizes that many members of the Polk County workforce have been facing unprecedented challenges lately. We understand that there is a good deal of uncertainty as to how to proceed with a job search nowadays. As we slowly emerge from the constant threat of COVID and navigate through the current “Great Resignation,” it’s perfectly understandable to have questions about how to craft an effective resume. That’s why KB Staffing has some advice to offer.

Crafting a Resume in 2022
If you weren’t making the most of digital and virtual resources before the pandemic, KB Staffing urges you to familiarize yourself with these tools now. Since so much of society went online to conduct business in 2020, there has been a realization of just how significant an impact modern technology can really have on the way many companies operate. 

So as you update your resume, be sure to include any professional online profiles you have created, such as LinkedIn. And if you don’t have any such profile out there yet, go ahead and create one. You may want to create your own standalone website to showcase your achievements in greater detail, to make a creative portfolio available, or to highlight your adeptness with technology.

Gaps in your work history aren’t as detrimental as they used to be, but you still ought to have a reasonable explanation for why you were out of the job market for any substantial amount of time. There are many valid reasons for taking a break from working, and you can probably think of some skills you acquired or improved upon while you were unemployed. For example, taking care of kids or other family members and running a household can teach valuable lessons in budgeting, time management, and cooperation.

Send KB Staffing Your Resume
As a member of the Polk County workforce, be sure to send your resume to us at KB Staffing so we can help you find a good position with a great local company. We are a full-service staffing company in Polk County dedicated to helping eager workers connect with the Central Florida jobs waiting for them.

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