Take Advantage of Polk’s Ideal Position in Logistics, Distribution

Central Florida is famous for many things – sunshine, citrus, and theme parks for starters. However, it might surprise some people to think of Polk County as a major logistics hub, too. Its central location in the state, not to mention its convenient location along the major shipping corridors, means Polk County has many employment opportunities based in the shipping and distribution industry. KB Staffing works closely with the employers that manage these channels.

Growth in Central Florida
With hundreds of people moving to our beautiful state each day, it’s fair to say that we are still growing! As a full-service staffing company in Polk County, KB Staffing works closely with some of the region’s biggest employers, and many of these companies are in the business of moving products from local warehouses into the hands of waiting consumers everywhere.

Central Florida has become a primary logistics hub for these businesses because it is so easy to get to virtually anywhere else from here. We have two major international airports close by in Tampa and Orlando, plus the ease of access to those airports via Interstate 4. Winter Haven also has a railway access point, the Intermodal Logistics Center.

In addition to routes by air and land, we also have Port Tampa Bay on the western coast of the state providing easy shipping routes by sea to the entire world. It’s easy to reach the rest of the globe from Polk County, but that’s not all – this central location is home to millions of year-round residents. We have a talent pool of roughly 14 million individuals when you factor in our easy access on I-4 from the Tampa and Orlando metropolitan areas.

Plenty of Warehouse Jobs Here
All of this product distribution means that Polk County is home to a large number of warehouses and distribution centers. When you are looking for work, remember that KB Staffing does a great deal of warehouse staffing. We always have full-time temp jobs and temp-to-hire jobs available with excellent companies, so you can be confident in finding work quickly.

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