Got a Case of the Mondays? Try These Tips

Do you remember Garfield, the lazy-but-lovable, lasagna-gobbling, orange tabby that was a Sunday staple in the comic pages for years before hitting the big screen? Well, if you remember Garfield, you probably recall his strong disdain for Mondays. Many of us could relate to that feeling. Even the team of dedicated pros at KB Staffing are prone to the Monday blues from time to time! But since Monday comes around every week, we can’t let it defeat us, so here’s what we recommend.

Monday Motivations

KB Staffing is committed to supporting the success of the Polk County workforce and Central Florida economy, and that means encouraging employees to have a great day every day at work – including Mondays! So what’s our secret to making Mondays manageable?

  1. Make the weekend count. First off, make sure that you are getting good rest over the weekend by continuing with the same self-care routines that you use during the week. This means you shouldn’t make it a habit to stay up late every Friday and Saturday night or you’ll be dragging come Monday morning. Don’t overindulge in rich foods or alcohol on the weekends either. Once in a while might be fine, but if it’s a weekend ritual then you’re scheduling a meeting with misery for Monday.
  2. Plan ahead. If your Mondays tend to be hectic, set aside some time on Sunday afternoon to set yourself up for an easier day by making a plan for the week ahead. 
  3. Schedule wisely. If you know that Mondays are rough, don’t schedule important tasks or meetings for that day if you can do them another day. Spread your workload out so you don’t feel so overwhelmed on Monday.

Don’t Let Mondays Get You Down

Finally, if you’ve tried everything and still dread going back to work every week, maybe it’s time to look for a new job. Find your perfect fit by trying some full-time permanent jobs or temp-to-hire jobs with KB Staffing. Polk County employment opportunities are out there and waiting for you!

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