Side Hustles Can Be Lifesavers

Let’s be honest. Inflation affects all of us to some degree. At KB Staffing, we aren’t immune to the effects of rising prices, so we know the stress caused by seeing your income go faster than it used to – and not as far. The Central Florida economy is a strong one, though, so there are plenty of opportunities for increasing the cash flow you have coming in each month.

Making the Gig Economy Work for You

KB Staffing may be an expert staffing service specializing in temporary staffing options for the Polk County workforce, but that doesn’t mean that we are blind to other Polk County employment opportunities. Polk County is brimming with possible side hustles for anyone willing to put in the work. 

Driving for Uber or Lyft is a popular side job for many people in Polk County because we are located between two popular tourist destinations which both contain major international airports. The important thing to remember when moonlighting as a driver is to keep your car in good repair, especially if it is your only mode of transportation to your full-time job.

Polk County also has a number of venues at which you can sell handmade goods, such as the Downtown Lakeland Farmers Market and International Market World in Auburndale. These are fantastic options to make extra money on the weekends, as long as the time you spend creating your wares doesn’t interfere with your ability to function well at your primary employment. KB Staffing wants you to be productive and successful, but not sleep-deprived, so please don’t sacrifice your well-being to work too many hours on side jobs.

Call KB Staffing for Solutions

If your current employment situation isn’t providing you with the income or job satisfaction you need to feel good about what you’re doing, let KB Staffing recommend some full-time temp jobs or temp-to-hire jobs that might suit you better. Our years of staffing experience mean we know how to connect workers to the jobs they want.

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