How to Get the Warehouse Workers You Need

Central Florida and Polk County are home to a number of warehouse distribution centers, and those facilities require quite a few employees in order to operate effectively. KB Staffing works closely with several of these companies, and we do a significant amount of warehouse staffing for them. Over time, we’ve developed a very sound strategy for attracting candidates to these Central Florida jobs, and we’d like to share a few of our secrets with you.

Warehouse Recruitment 101
At KB Staffing, we know how frustrating a labor shortage can be for a warehouse, both for the management with deadlines to meet and for the workers on the floor who must work longer hours to compensate for the lack of adequate staffing. It’s much easier to attract new employees to your distribution center when the current employees are satisfied with their working conditions, so do everything in your power to make sure the people representing your company are fairly compensated and respected for the contributions they make.

A happy workforce is the best type of employment ad. Utilize your staff to bring in new recruits by offering referral bonuses or other perks. Inform employees of the potential for rewards in company emails or newsletters. 

When it is necessary to place a job ad, make sure you know where the locals are looking. You can include a question on the application inquiring where applicants learned of the open position, then use this insight for future postings. 

Of course, offering competitive pay and benefits will help you attract candidates, too. When there aren’t enough job applicants to fill all of a region’s open positions, job seekers are most likely to go where the money is, so do a little research to make sure that your company is offering sufficient compensation.

Call on KB Staffing for Warehouse Workers
Last, but not least, you should consider working with KB Staffing to get the staff your company needs. We communicate with the Polk County workforce so we understand what they’re looking for in an employer. Let our insight work for you.

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