Incorporating Remote Work Into Your Resume

A lot of people have gained a good deal of experience working remotely over the past 18 months. Some may be wondering how exactly to describe that experience on a resume. As an expert staffing service with connections to many local companies and hiring managers, KB Staffing has some suggestions for how to represent this type of work to a potential employer. 

How to Describe Your Remote Work
First of all, it’s important to remember that working from home is no longer as unusual as it was even just a few years ago. A significant portion of the Polk County workforce suddenly found themselves ensconced in home offices, dens, and kitchens doing their jobs. There is no reason to feel that you need to justify your status in that regard.

If you’ve discovered that you prefer working remotely to going into a traditional office environment, don’t be afraid to say so on your resume. The best place to put it is in your summary or objective so employers will know upfront whether or not you would be a good fit for their culture. At KB Staffing, we’ve seen a number of Central Florida jobs allow more flexibility in this area.

You can include remote working in your skills section on your resume to highlight your ability to adapt to varying working conditions. List “Work from Home” or “Remote Work” as your job location where applicable, especially if the companies that you worked for were fairly spread out geographically.

Another way to include remote work in your resume is by creating a section specifically of remote work positions. This is a good idea if you were working multiple jobs, to showcase that you can juggle numerous responsibilities simultaneously without dropping the ball on any of them.

For More Information…
If you would like more information on what Polk County employment opportunities currently include the option to work from home, contact KB Staffing. We are a full-service staffing company in Polk County and we can help you find the remote or in-person work that you will find most suitable.

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