How to Keep Your Warehouse Workers

Good warehouse workers can be hard to find in a competitive job market, that’s why it’s important to hold on to them!

KB Staffing provides staff for a number of warehouses in Polk County. Warehouse workers aren’t always easy to find, and they can be difficult to retain in a competitive job market. Polk County is growing as a hub for transportation and manufacturing, so there is a lot of competition for good warehouse workers. What can you do to attract quality workers who will stick around?

Tips for Retaining Warehouse Workers

First and foremost, it’s important to create a healthy work environment. This means ensuring that safety standards are followed and creating policies that protect workers. As in any job, employees need to have sufficient breaks for meals and rest, so make sure the break policy is sufficiently generous. If it takes 10 minutes to exit the facility, 30 minutes might not be enough of a lunch break for those who want to go out for food. Offering paid lunch breaks is another way to help make workers feel valued.

Schedule flexibility is another tactic that demonstrates the respect held for workers. Offering a variety of shifts and shift lengths allows workers to choose a schedule that dovetails with their responsibilities outside work. Flexible time off and sick pay is also important. If an employee is worried about losing their job because of missed shifts due to illness or other emergency, they may simply quit the job and find another once the crisis has passed.

Pay is another determining factor for job retention. A high density of warehouses means a competitive job market. It’s easy for employees to job hop to find the best-paying position, if that’s the only difference in jobs. Bonus plans can help bolster employees financially, making them more likely to stay. Many companies now offer gas cards or other gift certificates to employees.

Call KB Staffing for Warehouse Workers

When you need to hire on new staff for your warehouse, call KB Staffing. We specialize in warehouse staffing, so we can help you tap into the Polk County workforce with success. KB Staffing is a full-service staffing company in Polk County with the staffing experience to ensure you get the right candidates right away.



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