Practice Cell Phone Courtesy at Work

Cell phones are a part of our daily lives. Here’s how to not let it distract you from work.

Cell phones are everywhere these days, almost everyone has one. At KB Staffing, we recognize the importance of being accessible during the work day, especially for people who have children or elderly relatives that they care for. However, it’s important not to allow cell phones to become a distraction or security issue at work. There are some industries where this can be dangerous or even illegal. Here are some tips for keeping your cell phone usage respectful at work.

Good Cell Phone Sense

In general, your phone should stay put away while at work. This could be in your pocket, a desk drawer, or a locker. It doesn’t need to be out all the time. For one thing, it becomes more tempting to be distraction, and for another, it’s a sad reality that sometimes co-workers have sticky fingers. A phone left lying on a desk while you make a coffee run could easily disappear.

To minimize distractions to other co-workers, keep your phone on silent or vibrate while at work. Ringing cell phones can easily annoy co-workers and customers, so keep it quiet. Speaking of being quiet, make sure you aren’t being disruptive when you take a call, either. If you must make or receive a call, try to step away from the work area for a moment. Limit calls to two or three minutes. Get done, and get off. It’s not appropriate to have a long catch-up session with an old friend while on the clock.

Learn your company’s cell phone policy, and abide by it. Some companies place restrictions on use due to safety concerns. Machine operators and drivers can’t just stop what they’re doing to take a call, and if they try to answer while working the results can be disastrous. Other companies deal with sensitive information, which may mean that any and all recording devices are banned. If this is the case, leave your phone in a locker or your vehicle and check it when you have time.

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