How to Prepare for Temporary Employees

Using temporary staffing solutions can be an economical and smart solution to staffing problems if you plan accordingly. There are several steps you can take to make sure your staffing agency understands your specific needs and fills them efficiently, at the lowest cost to you.

First, it’s a good idea to get an understanding of your company’s production schedule and peak times. Speak with your managers to understand how your employees have handled peak hours in the past—was there a lot of overtime? Did the work get finished efficiently? Were customers disgruntled with the service they received as a result of the increased workload on your employees? It’s also good to understand the sentiment of your team—do these peak times decrease morale and make employees feel burdened and overworked?

Understanding the climate of your company will help you determine what kind of temporary staffing solution you need. It’s also good to pinpoint the exact places where production or customer satisfaction decreases, so you can incorporate temporary employees effectively. Knowing this information also helps your staffing agency understand what kind of temporary employees you need.

It’s good to relay as many details as possible to your staffing agency. The time frame for the temporary employee or employees, the skills your company requires, the specific equipment and programs the temporary employee will need to use, and so on. It’s also good to give your staffing agency an understanding of the corporate climate—a casual dress code with no smoking, for example. The more information you give your staffing agency, the more targeted they can make their search for your perfect candidates.

Understanding your talent and qualification needs will save you money, as well. Hiring someone with qualifications that match your needs helps you avoid the price of an unnecessarily overqualified candidate. It’s all about understanding your specific company needs, so that you receive exactly what you want at the most economic cost possible.

So, to recap: Understand the climate of your current workforce and figure out your peak times and exactly where temporary help is needed. Then gather up as much information as possible about your ideal candidate so that your staffing agency can find the best-fitting temporary staffing solutions. Finally, understand the exact skills and qualifications you need to avoid overqualified and more expensive candidates.

Relay all of this information to your expert staffing agency. At KB Staffing, we take great care in making sure we fully understand the climate of our clients’ company so we can best fill the employment gap, which in turn allows us to work our temporary staffing magic! If you’d like to speak with us about temporary staffing solutions, or if you’d like help with any of the steps mentioned above, contact KB Staffing by clicking here or calling us today at (863) 875-5721.



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