It’s All About Knowing the Right People in Winter Haven and Lakeland

The economy: is it up or down? There seems to be a different story at every turn. The news from Polk County is of a positive momentum in the labor market. Not just in Winter Haven, but in Lakeland as well, the increasing demand for both skilled and unskilled workers is reflected in the lowest unemployment figures in nearly five years.

While this is great news for our community as a whole, it also means that department managers may find it more of a challenge to fill openings with qualified personnel. Unless you are a full-time Human Resources specialist, finding great candidates can be tricky at best. When there is a department to manage and orders to complete, the process of hiring can be so time consuming that the task is postponed or avoided.

Private sector job growth and housing market gains are fueling a labor market recovery. Great employees are getting harder to find unless you know the right people. Knowing the right people requires a strong professional network and time to nurture relationships… or just pick up the phone and call KB Staffing.

When it comes to getting pre-screened and qualified candidates to fill open positions, the employment experts at KB Staffing are the right people. KB Staffing makes it easy to hire, with a range of options to meet your needs. No hassles and no paperwork – KB Staffing files all the needed documents and takes care of payroll, too.

The right people in Winter Haven, Lakeland and beyond are a phone call away. Call KB Staffing today at (863) 875-5721.

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