A Workforce Liaison in the Lakeland – Winter Haven Area

The workforce is busy in Winter Haven. Numerous construction projects are underway and many are completed. New workers are being hired every day to staff growing businesses. In Lakeland, too, companies are expanding. The business environment is very favorable to manufacturing, warehouse, logistics, and construction. In the past year, over 1000 jobs have been created in these fields, plus many more in other industries. This area, including Bartow and Plant City, has a strong manpower base with both skilled and unskilled labor, so it is an ideal place for growing business.

This is good for both the workforce and the employers who need personnel. The only issue is getting the two together. Whether employers are in Lakeland and available workers are in Winter Haven, the other way around, or somewhere in between, KB Staffing is the liaison. KB Staffing does a lot more than fill temporary assignments. KB Staffing is a full-service staffing firm, able to provide the manpower for an entire division, a department, or just a desk.

Efficient and cost-effective hiring through KB Staffing helps the bottom line of employers in Lakeland, Plant City, Bartow and Winter Haven. More than a temp agency, human resources service from KB Staffing in Winter Haven is the hiring solution.

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