Job Stability in Construction

The construction industry continues to thrive throughout the myriad challenges placed on society over the last couple of years. Working in construction provides stability, growth potential, and personal satisfaction. KB Staffing regularly provides Polk County employment opportunities in construction for the Polk County workforce. If you are looking for a great temp-to-hire job in the construction industry, KB Staffing can help.

Get Your Foot in the Door
As in any industry, you will need to gain some experience in order to be able to climb the construction career ladder. This is where KB Staffing can provide assistance. As a full-service staffing company in Polk County, we work with a lot of local construction companies to keep them staffed with dependable, motivated workers. Here are a few of the positions commonly sought:

  • Carpenter’s helper – This entry-level position does a lot of cleaning up on the jobsite, but also picks up some valuable carpentry skills.
  • Painter’s helper – In this role, you’ll be doing quite a bit of prep work, like taping and covering items and putting down protective drop cloths, in addition to learning useful trade skills.
  • Landscapers – Often, these outside laborers get into the main action right away, operating lawnmowers, weedeaters, edgers, and hand tools. 
  • Plumber’s helper – This is another great apprenticeship position to start gaining the skills and experience to advance into a lucrative career.
  • Other laborers – There are many other specific roles in construction that regularly need to be filled, so keep an eye on the KB Staffing website to see what’s in demand. 


Get Started with KB Staffing
Construction is an industry that will continue to need reliable individuals well into the future. Put an application in with KB Staffing today to start the process of becoming a skilled tradesperson. Every week we have a number of Central Florida jobs in the construction industry that need to be filled, so you’ll have no trouble getting work right away!


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