Jobs Are the Heart of Florida Citrus

Polk County’s citrus industry is integral to the Central Florida economy.

Florida – the Sunshine State – famous for alligators, hurricanes, and citrus! KB Staffing is proud to be based smack dab in the heart of Central Florida, and we love working with the Polk County workforce. We are connected with the area’s top industries, and this includes the agricultural scene. Our region averages 237 sunny days every year – a whole month more than the rest of the country! This makes it easy to grow a great variety of fruits and vegetables here, including our world-famous oranges and grapefruit.

What Agriculture Means to Florida
Situated squarely between Tampa and Orlando, Polk County has long been the heart of Central Florida’s citrus industry. While growers have taken a hit over the last decade due to the devastation caused by citrus greening, they have persevered as local researchers have worked diligently to overcome the agricultural blight. Citrus remains a vital force in the Central Florida economy. 

Like any other industry, there are certain times of year that are busier than others when it comes to growing citrus. When it comes time to plant and then to harvest, the demand for workers increases dramatically. That’s where KB Staffing comes into the picture. We are proud to support the local agricultural community by providing grove and nursery workers through our expert staffing service to keep the fields green and productive. 

KB Staffing is very familiar with both the needs of grove operators as well as the workers who tend the trees. We understand how the weather impacts productivity, and the importance of completing certain jobs within a specific timeframe. Whether you are a grower or a picker, we want to help you keep the O.J. flowing from Florida fields for years to come!

KB Staffing’s Commitment to Citrus
At KB Staffing, we are dedicated to supporting and promoting our local communities and industries. Without citrus and agriculture, it’s hard to imagine what Polk County would be. If you would like to enter the agricultural industry, contact KB Staffing at (863) 875-5721.


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